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Secure Solution Europe is a UK based provider of learning solutions to support individuals and organisations how to use effective business practices creating a highly functioning, competitive business.

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We provide hands-on training for teams and individuals who can enhance their skills through Agile, lean, program, product and project management, process improvement, leadership, security, team-development and much more.

Improve you or your team's effectiveness and boost productivity with instructor-led training delivered privately to your organisation or to any location preferred by you.

Our approach is to consult with you regarding your needs 

then adapt, develop and facilitate tailored training solutions to help individuals and organisations to reach their potential.

We work with you to find the exact solution for you. We help you get results through your people and to make a positive impact on your business.

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Our training solutions include customised private and group sessions, courses, workshops, coaching and other options to help you create your best success.



Students who have the benefit of one-to-one lessons will receive the trainer's full attention for the entirety of their session. Additionally, private lessons will be planned and tailored to the unique needs and learning style of the individual.


Since group lessons tend to run longer than private lessons, students will have more time with the instructor in the classroom. Our instructors make sure to spend quality time with each one of their students. Motivation is another key advantage of group lessons.



Our workshops involve a facilitaror presenting themes and concepts, or the development of a skill, related to the course of study. Workshops may involve more hands-on learning however also allow discussion, interaction, presentation and debate on a given topic.

Please get in touch and together we can achieve better results.

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Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
2018-1-HU01-KA204-047786 -  Creating an online platform for Cooperative Learning

We are proud to be participating in an innovation project funded by Erasmus+ where we are working with 3 other countries to deliver an innovative solution for group learning using the latest technology which is available for everyone.

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classm8_logo.png is an open online platform to extend the current learning options and introduce an advanced high-tech solution tailored to the current needs of individual groups. The platform gives the ability to the trainers to provide their groups with the best games and develop the most important skills according to their needs where the group is in the focus and not the individual.

If you want to learn more check the project's website and please subscribe to our e-mail list or check the homepage regularly.


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